Educator's Edition DVD

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Discussion Guide

This free downloadable discussion guide was developed by the Center for Ecoliteracy for the 57-minute version of the film. The guide is designed for educators working with high school or college-level students, and may be used in a variety of courses, including: environmental studies, English, literature, political science, career exploration, leadership, or service learning.

The guide uses the metaphor of the hero’s journey for analyzing the three characters portrayed in the film. In addition, the guide explores three themes raised by the film: Connection to Place, Perseverance, and Nature as Teacher.

The guide offers ideas for facilitating class discussions, reflective exercises, and action projects.

Download Discussion Guide

conversation Cards

These Conversation Cards can be easily downloaded and printed. They provide three different ways for students to engage with the film’s content:

  • THINK cards encourage reflection on a quote from the film
  • ASK cards invite questioning and dialogue
  • ACT cards direct students toward taking specific actions in their community

    Download Conversation Cards